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Ridgey Didge - About Us

Ridgey Didge is an Australian owned company, founded in 1995 our first store was located in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

We began by offering a small range of traditional flavoured gourmet pies and sausage rolls. The pies were so popular that we expanded our menu with new flavours and tastes inspired from cultures around the world being added to our pie range. We now have over 30 different varieties of gourmet pies for customers to choose from.

We owe our success to a system of making gourmet pies that are actually made by hand and baked fresh in-store everyday. Our system has been specifically designed to ensure consistency in all our shops, ensure every pie made is of the highest quality. These pies are offered and consumed the same day, ensuring our customers enjoy a pie that is unmatched for taste and freshness.

Since our founding we have successfully tapped into a niche in the fast food industry, providing an alternative product that is unique in today’s market. Franchising has given us the ability to share our success and we now have fourteen franchised outlets located from Sydney to Grafton and as West as Gunnedah in New South Wales.

Ridgey Didge Pies - Gunnedah
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